Mobile Conventional Mammography Truck

Conventional Mammography Unit Mammo-RP included 

3D tour Mobile Conventional Mammography Truck Mobile Conventional Mammography Truck based on landrover KAMAZ-53215

Solving the problem of breast examinations in hard-to-reach and remote areas, we have created mobile mammography cabinets. They are supplied on the basis of reliable KAMAZ chassis and equipped with all the necessary items for long-term efficient work away from hospitals.

A powerful ventilation and heating system creates comfortable conditions for the staff and patients. An independent water-supply system provides equipment for fresh water filtering. A mini-power station can be optionally installed, making it possible to conduct examinations without electricity connection.

The mobile treatment room is equipped with a film-type mammograph Mammo-RP, an X-ray protective screen.

Advantages of Mammo-R:

  • Light C-arm
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Perfect automatic exposure control 

High quality of image is provided by:

  • Powerful dual focus X-ray tube
  • Powerful High Frequency generator

The personnel room has desktops for the physician and the lab assistant. In the film cabinet, they are equipped with a laptop and X-ray view box. A mini-refrigerator, air heating system and an air conditioner are also provided. The film-type office is equipped with a wardrobe and a sofa, and a developing room.