Digital Screening Mammography System MAMMO-RPd

Digital Screening Mammography System MAMMO-RPd


It is an optimal mammography system suitable both for screening and diagnostic investigations.

Advantages of Digital Screening Mammography System MAMMO-RPd:  

  • Linear mammography scanning detector and the slit diaphragm significantly reduce the radiation dose
  • Light C-arm
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Perfect automatic exposure control
  • High spatial resolution (at least 10 lp / mm)
  • Modern design, motorized control all the movements 
  • Remote control laboratory (RCL) - grade computer
  • Powerful High Frequency generator
  • The ability of digital processing , storage and transmission of electronic data , DICOM - compatible
  • Different accessories can be easily attached to the unit.
  • The system recognizes the devices and adjusts all operation factors automatically.

High quality of mammography image is provided by:

  • Powerful dual focus X-ray tube,
  • Powerful High Frequency generator
  • Slit diaphragm and the linear scanning detector

Digital Screening Mammography System MAMMO-RPd is supplied with a Remote Control Laboratory  enabled in automated laboratory workstation located behind the X-ray shelter. The automated laboratory workstation represents a computer with high resolution monitor 20 " (see the picture) that allows operator to receive and enter simultaneously all necessary information, to make patient data and evaluate the quality of images.

Digital Screening Mammography System MAMMO-RPd is equipped with workstation doctor with software module for maintaining a database of patients and performed studies , archive management of digital images (support for 3-level organization of the Archive: short, medium and long term)

Software application - Mammologist:

  • Search needed / undocumented research database .  
  •  Visualization of the selected studies : 
  • The implementation of a specialized protocol view mammography studies ( pairwise display pictures) .  
  • The following functions to visual image analysis : the withdrawal of up to 16 images on a viewing table , smooth scaling from 0.5 to 10 times, the tool " lens", image rotation on the angle multiple of 90 degrees , adjusting brightness / contrast 
  • The following functions: dose, measurement of size , distance measurement , angle measurement , the measurement space, obtaining the histogram image .  
  • Compilation of several X-ray reports on research with the ability to specify separately for each : date of the report , name mammologist , made a report , a description of the study , the conclusion of the study , recommendations mammologist , the classifier of the system BiRADs.  
  • Implementation of printing images on DICOM printer in any format

Software application- Logger :

  • Enter demographic data of patients ; 
  • Appointment of mammography studies and compiling a list of appointments 

Software application - Reports:

  • Information about completed research ; 
  • Statistical reports of the activities of the of mammography department.